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We had a IMAC-U year end party at lunch time of Dec. 20,as well as a welcome party to new B7 students. It was a pleasant big gathering of IMAC-U family!
(Pict. 1)
Application is open for the International Robotics Program (MEXT Scholarship awarded).
Application is open for the International Robotics Program (MEXT Scholarship awarded).
The International Robotics Program (IRP) will start from October 2018, aiming to develop talented persons who can be active in companies or academia as a leader with a focus on the robotics field. Students participating in the IRP will learn in the International Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Course (IMAC-G). This program provides an opportunity to apply Japanese government (MEXT) Scholarship.
The Entrance Ceremony of 2917.10. FGL has been held on Sep.27, 2017. IMAC-U welcomed 15 new students from 8 countries this year (including 2 Japanese students admitted through the 1st Global Entrance Examination).
(Pict. 1 The Entrance Ceremony of 3 FGL international undergraduate courses of Tohoku University.,
Pict. 2 New IMAC-U B7 class students and professors in Division of Mechanical Engineering.,
Pict. 3 The Guidance of the IMAC-U course.,
Pict. 4 Our energetic new B7 class students!)
Visitors: A group of Abu Dhabi High School students guided by JICE visited us on Sep. 25, 2017.
(Pict. 1 Introduction of FGL, IMAC-U and the daily life of Muslin students here.,
Pict. 2 Lab tour to department of Robotics.,
Pict. 3 Visitors enjoyed the beautiful campus and our research environment.)
PDF The announcement of successful applicants.
The announcement of successful applicants.
Hanami Party to welcome IMAC-U B6 class coming to Aobayama The IMAC-U B6 class (enrolled Oct. 2016) have finished their 1st year of General Education Subjects in Kawauchi Campus, and started to spend more time in Aobayama Campus since Apr. 2017. The department staffs and the senior students held a party under the sakura (Cherry) tress to welcome them.
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Pre-education program for the 1st Japanese student admitted in the Global Entrance Examination Feb. 2017. (April 10 - 21, 2017)
(Pict. 1 Native English teacher give intensive lectures of pre-calculus.,
Pict. 2 IMAC professors gave exercise to enhance the high school Physics.)