Admissions Policy

Tohoku University is committed to providing education and research programs of the highest international caliber. Drawing on a proud tradition, the many faculties, graduate schools, and associated research institutes are united in their aim to serve as a comprehensive center for creation of knowledge, and as a research university centered on the graduate schools in collaboration with education in the faculties.


The Graduate School of Engineering, in the Tohoku University tradition of "Research First", is equipped with the staff and facilities for carrying out research on the frontiers of knowledge. The educational goal of the Graduate School is to develop researchers with outstanding abilities, capable of original thinking, and engineers with highly specialized knowledge. They should be able to carry out their own creative research and play a major role in the progress and innovation of future science and technology, rooted in a broad perspective and deep knowledge of humanity and nature, with the aim of realizing a safe, fulfilling society.


The Graduate School of Engineering looks for the following traits in prospective students.


  • ○ The fundamental scholastic abilities for engineering studies, and a compelling desire to study in this Graduate School.
  • ○ The ability to develop original ideas and to undertake self-motivated research with strong persistence.
  • ○ The ability to work cooperatively as team members and communicate with others.
  • ○ A deep interest in nature and human society, and a desire to contribute to human welfare by creating future technologies benefiting people and the environment.
  • ○ Wide-ranging knowledge and the flexibility to put that knowledge to use, becoming engineers and researchers able to play active roles internationally.


Graduate programs in International Materials Science and Engineering Master Course (IMSE) are established as from October 2009. This course is one of the courses offered under the Global 30 programs of Tohoku University, and organized by the Graduate School of Engineering. The main aim of this course (IMSE) is to cultivate global-minded engineers and leaders who can take up active roles in the development of cutting-edge technologies based on materials science.


Outline of IMSE

The graduate programs of the International Materials Science and Engineering Master Course (IMSE) are supported by the "Global 30" project. "Global 30" is a Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) program to further promote internationalization of core Japanese higher education institutions and to turn them into world-class international education and research centers. Tohoku University is one of the selected institutions under the Global 30 program and it is launching the Future Global Leadership (FGL) project at Tohoku University as of Fall 2009.


IMSE is one of the FGL programs aimed at enthusiastic global-minded international students who aspire to take on key international leadership roles in their futures. All lectures in the IMSE program can be learned in English.


The schematic career-path in IMSE is shown in the figure below. The academic calendar of IMSE starts in October. Students are screened by the entrance examination held in February or March in the enrollment year. The examination is held not only in Japan but also overseas. This will make the application procedure more accessible for students in outside of Japan.


Students can enroll in master's program in the course. As the master's program directly connects to the doctoral program in IMSE, students have the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research through the graduate programs.


Schematic career-path in IMSE programs

Schematic career-path in IMSE programs


The following five departments are participating in IMSE. Candidates choose a department for enrollment from the three departments listed below:


  • ○ Metallurgy
  • ○ Materials Science
  • ○ Materials Processing


Details of scientific activities will be shown in the following website.


The number of students accepted annually is approximately 10.