Important Notes

(1)   Applications by postal mail are to be sent via means whereby you can keep the record of sending (such as FedEx, EMS, UPS etc).
(2)   Receipt of applications will not be notified automatically. Those desiring notification that we have received their application should make the appropriate request to the office by e-mail.
(3)   Submitted application documents and examination fees cannot be returned.
(4)   If you do not receive your examination admission ticket by ten days prior to the examination date, please contact the Graduate Academic Affairs Section, Graduate School of Engineering (See 12.Contact Information).
(5)   All other inquiries regarding application for admission should likewise be made to the Graduate Academic Affairs Section, Graduate School of Engineering.
(6)   Applicants desiring consultation regarding the need for special assistance or other consideration in taking the examination or conducting your studies should make written application indicating the items listed below (no special format). Be assured that such a request will in no way prejudice the outcome of the selection process, as all applicants will be treated fairly.


* Deadline for consultation: As a rule, no later than Wednesday, December 18, 2009.

* Information to be indicated in making application:


A)    Name, address and phone number of applicant
B)    University, etc. from which the applicant has graduated
C)    Any special consideration desired regarding taking the examination
D)    Any special consideration desired in the study environment
E)    Nature of any special consideration provided up to now
F)    Other relevant information about daily life circumstances
G)    Reference materials (if currently receiving medical treatment, enclose a medical certificate issued by your physician)



Handling of Personal Information

(1)   The Graduate School of Engineering of Tohoku University handles personal information in strict compliance with regulations such as the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Incorporated Administrative Agencies" and the "National University Corporation Tohoku University - Policy on the Protection of Personal Information", taking every precaution to protect personal information.
(2)   Examination results and other personal information obtained in the application process will be used for selection of students for admission, enrollment procedures, follow-up surveys, student support after enrollment (e.g., scholarships, tuition waiver, health care), student guidance and other academic purposes, as well as in collection of tuition fees, etc.
(3)   After enrollment, the Graduate School may outsource administrative work in educational affairs to third-party companies and provide them, depending on needs, with some or all of the student's personal information in compliance with the "National University Corporation Tohoku University - Policy on the Protection of Personal Information".