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Message from the Chairman


 Thank you for visiting this web page. This is my message to those looking for opportunities to pursue higher education in Japan. Seven years ago, we launched the International Mechanical and Aerospace Course (IMAC), in which foreign students can finish an engineering degree program without using the Japanese language. This program was the first such English-taught program to be established in mechanical engineering department in Japan. Since then, other universities have followed our example.

 Although we tried to prepare a good education system particularly for undergraduate students in IMAC, we realized that some improvements were needed to respond to the constructive requests from foreign students. Several actions were then taken to quickly increase the number of lectures taught in English. Now that almost all the lectures offered to the undergraduate Japanese students are separately taught in English, it is possible to evaluate both the foreign and the Japanese students on the same basis.

 The global entrance examination has been lunched on 2017 for Japanese students who want to study in English. The students entered by the global entrance examination study at the same class with you. This will encourage mutual communications between foreign and Japanese students.

 Prospective student will find that in IMAC it is possible to receive a high-level education from our internationally renowned mechanical engineering group and also conduct cutting edge research. In addition, we have organized a special committee to address their concerns about student life in Japan.

 Found in 1907, Tohoku University was the third national university established in Japan. It adopted the "research first", "open door" policies, with practice-oriented research and education. These policies have been well implemented in the mechanical engineering group and hence in IMAC as well. It is certainly my pleasure to introduce IMAC to you. I believe it offers excellent opportunities for research and education and will profoundly shape your future.

Prof. Hiroo Yugami, Chairman, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering